A revolver is a firearm that uses a revolving cylinder to store cartridges. The first revolvers were made in the mid-18th century and were mostly used by the military. Revolvers became popular as self-defense firearms in the late 19th century.


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Charter Arms Undercover Revolver .38SPL 2-inch SS 5RD


Cimarron Evil Roy .45LC 4.75-inch 6rd


Cimarron Firearms Evil Roy Revolver Blue 5.5-inch 45 Colt Firearms


Cimarron Firearms Model 3 SCHFLD .45LC 5-inch


Cimarron Firearms Modified P .45LC 5.5-inch 6rd Black


Cimarron Firearms MP512 Model P 4.75-inch


Cimarron Firearms US 7th Cavalry Blue .45 LC 7.5-inch 6Rds


Cimarron Model 3 SCHOFIELD 45LC 7 inch


Colt King Cobra Stainless / Black .357 Mag 3-inch 6Rds


Heritage arms rough rider Small Bore Blue .22 LR 16″ 6 RD Fixed Sights


Heritage Firearms Rough Rider Ace in the Hole Black .22 LR 4.75″ Barrel 6-Rounds


Heritage Firearms Rough Rider Blued / Cocobolo Grip .22LR 6.5-inch 6Rd


Heritage Firearms Rough Rider Blued / Cocobolo Grip .22LR 6.5-inch 6Rd


Magnum Research BFR Stainless .357 Mag / .38 SPL 7.5″ Barrel 6-Rounds


North American Arms Ranger II Stainless .22 Mag 4″ Barrel 5-Rounds


Nosler M48 Independence Handgun Bolt-Action 6.5 Creedmoor 15″ Barrel 1 Round